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About Me

If you aim to enhance your training programs and seek guidance and support to achieve your goals. Does educating your customers and employees present a challenge, often leaving you overwhelmed and unsure of where to start? I'm here to assure you that excellent training solutions are attainable for everyone. Through the use of the ADDIE process, I customize my approach to meet your specific requirements and guide you toward your training objectives. Reach out for a free consultation, and take a look at my portfolio for ideas. Let's improve your training approach, ensuring it's both engaging and impactful.

With a unique blend of analytical thinking and creative skills, I specialize in designing effective learning experiences. My expertise spans various sectors, such as healthcare and technology, where I leverage strong communication abilities to lead projects that promote learning and align with organizational objectives.


Key Accomplishments

Arches National Park, Utah
ireland 3 187.jpg
Ireland, Dingle Peninsula
  • Received leadership recognition for accelerating employee engagement and training completion by breaking down long, antiquated content into micro-learning modules; led a group of 4 interns, providing advice on content extraction and strategies for designing each piece to function autonomously.

  • Reengineered employee handbook into an online course for 7200 childhood education learners and introduced a streamlined process for LMS completion, resulting in improved comprehension and streamlined process for ensuring annual compliance; implemented new level 2 instrument to indicate retention.

  • Reduced cognitive overload and increased mental storage capacity for 1300+ learners by evaluating long, process-oriented content for adult learning opportunities and design gaps and implementing chunking and unit quizzes; introduced a new process for tracking course completion and highlighting remedial areas.

  • Created an intuitive expense management software eLearning
    course, including quick start guides, that seamlessly delivered critical companywide training and updates to 500+ employees, regarding the delegation and approval processes.

  • Drove consistent messaging, increased employee participation, and improved learner outcomes by designing a 3-day comprehensive course for 4200 associates, including stand-alone modules and activities; partnered with subject matter experts (SMEs) and legal department to drive accuracy with trademarks and proprietary material; developed facilitator and learner guides; introduced engagement tools such as Poll Everywhere and Mentimeter.

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