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Evaluation Report for Company X Tutorial


The Plan for evaluating the Company X tutorial was well written.  I created the tutorial in Articulate Storyline for the software my husband's company produces and distributes.  The problem was the target learners were very hard to come by for testing.  Anyone who was actually already using the software wouldn't work and new users needed a specific skill set to understand the technological entry skills.  So for alpha testers we used some co-workers who failed to understand they needed to work through the entire tutorial from beginning to end and did not give me any feedback on cosmetics.  In software development these metrics are done separately from functional metrics.  At the time, I didn't understand this and wasn't able to better explain my needs.  We could have asked different people for the cosmetic feedback if I had better understood the various roles.  Additionally, all of these people were out of town, so I was unable to sit with them to work through the test scenario.  This undoubtedly would have made a difference in communicating the needs of the testing scenario.  I view all of these discoveries as valuable lessons for the next time!

Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Training Evaluation Plan


At first evaluating an existing eLearning module seemed like a daunting task.  As the semester progressed and with the combined efforts of my teammates, it began to fall into place.  I’m grateful to Georgia 4H for providing the module on which we worked.  Cheri Tenhouse was an outstanding Project Manager and did a great job of leading the team through the process.  Lana Garner and Marissa Monroe also brought talent and initiative to the project.  It seems to me that any and every evaluation will be unique and therefore having a good team with individual strengths and insights is a benefit.  This was true in our case.  We complimented each other well and took on roles that suited our strengths.  The only things I would change about this evaluation involve the restrictions of time and space.  The actual contest covered by this training occurs in the fall.  I would have been most interested in observing the competition and likewise students completing both the live and the computer based training.  This was not possible.  Also due to time constraints we were not able to set up a test group that we could observe completing the online training.  I would also have done a couple focus groups with the survey respondents to clarify some of the responses we received.  I feel that we summarized the information as accurately as we could.  I think we might have been able to come to more specific conclusions after a couple of conversations.  I would like to know how wide-spread the opinions expressed are throughout the target groups.  In all, I am pleased that we were able to discern a clear conclusion even if it may not have been the most desirable one for the client.