The Ramble


I produced this jaunt through the time my husband and I spent living in the RV and exploring the western United States during the second design class over the summer of 2015.  This isn't especially deep in instructional content or objectives although I did include a lot of historical and some geographical content on the places we visited.  My main purpose was to challenge myself to produce a module in Storyline that utilized a fairly complicated branching navigation in the background.  I wanted the learner to be able to click around freely without having to return to main slides all the time so I gave each slide links to the others and vise versa.  There are still items that gray out, letting the user know when they've viewed all of a particular section.  Plus I included some, just for fun, quiz elements.  I really enjoyed putting this together.  If I could improve on it, I would actually add more to it.  The previous year, we'd done a similar trip through South Dakota when we moved out to Oregon.  Honestly, I just ran out of time!

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Baking Biscotti Tutorial


The Spring of 2015, gave me my first exposure to creating instructional design materials.  I created a tutorial on baking biscotti which is something I love to do but can be challenging to do well.  There are many things I like about the tutorial, such as the inclusion of a pre-test to determine the level of expertise of a baker and a glossary of terms.  I also made some mistakes, I would discover as my education progressed.  I included a lot of extraneous information in the audio.  I now know this can distract, cognitively, from the important learning goals.  A better way to include some of the info might be in a “tips for success” section.  I also used imbedded video to demonstrate techniques but hadn’t yet been through the video class so these are quite amateurish clips.  I love my color scheme and the cute old-fashioned baking clip-art I found to accent the whole thing works well.