Monterey Bay, California

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Seed Life Skills Project

I completed this project in conjunction with teammates William Immonen, Jessica McCrea and Marissa Munroe.  It best exemplifies how important it is to have a good needs assessment.  We could have easily picked one item to focus on and produced a lesson.  The issue with that would have been that the project was so new there was no way to truly know if that lesson would suit the larger need down the road.  We admitted that the project was larger than our expertise alone could tackle and set out to give them a framework to start from when those experts did come to work on it.  This is a very exciting movement with far reaching implications.  To have been a part of it, makes me feel very impressed and grateful for the opportunity.

I think if we'd had more time and a better grasp of the scope from the beginning, there are other things we could have included in the document we provided.  We started talking about feasibility studies for various classroom schedules.  For example, how would the individual activities need to run in light of a schedule where the student has that particular class on Tuesdays and Thursdays only?  That could be a major factor in a cooking lesson!  These types of things were not part of the original scope and we did not have time to add them, unfortunately.